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Underwater Oahu is a proud supporter of the Handicapped Scuba Association. Our HSA Open Water course is specially designed for people with disabilities and are taught with a high margin of safety. We also teach Advanced Open Water certification courses for divers with disabilities.

These training techniques have been carefully developed based on 20 years of continuous research and feedback. All handicapped students are trained and certified according to HSA Physical Performance Standards. HSA has carefully trained us to work with divers who have a wide range of disabilities, including paraplegia, quadriplegia, the blind and those with high-functioning brain injuries.

Handicapped Dive Tours

Underwater Oahu can take certified handicapped divers on underwater tours of Oahu or other islands of Hawaii (Big Island, Maui, Kauai). Contact us for more information about Hawaii handicapped scuba tours.

Become a Dive Buddy for Handicapped Divers

We also train non-handicapped individuals to be dive buddies for people with disabilities.

Become an HSA Instructor

Are you a dive professional who wants to be trained to work with divers with disabilities? We can help you become an HSA Instructor.

Interested in Scuba?

Interested in Scuba? Let's Chat about it.

Certifications Available:

  1. SSI Open Water Diver
  2. NAUI SCUBA Diver
  3. NASE Open Water Diver
  4. PADI Open Water Diver
  5. SDI Open Water Diver
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