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On this annual adventure, we fly to Kauai on a Thursday night for our Dive Travel trip and check into our rooms at the Kauai Inn. On Friday morning, we take a boat to the coast of Niihau where we’ll do three dives around Lehua Rock and Niihau.

Because of the remote and unfrequented location, this area features pristine underwater landscapes of black corals, lava tubes, thousands of fish, and larger marine creatures including Hawaiian Monk Seals and a variety of sharks.

The last two dives will be done using 32% nitrox (If you aren’t certified, these will be considered “try nitrox” dives). On Saturday, we will do a two-tank boat dive out of Poipu to experience the reefs of Kauai (also using nitrox).

The third day will be an off-gassing day in which we keep dry and tour the terrestrial sites on the island of Kauai. The group size for this trip is limited to 10 people maximum, so reserve your spot in advanced!


On this epic adventure, divers in Truk Lagoon had no shortage of dive sites. With over 60 sunken WWII-era ships and aircrafts, Chuuk is the “Wreck Diving Capital of the World.” Many of the wrecks are “maru,” or merchant vessels, that had been left at anchor.

As many of these ships carried important army supplies including Mitsubishi Zero fighter aircrafts & parts, tanks, torpedo shells, trucks and road supplies, they were commonly fortified with anti-aircraft weapons. Bottles, cooking utensils, other everyday items, and personal artifacts can be found in several of the wrecks during our dive travel trip — serving as a reminder of those who lost their lives during battle.

Gruesome reminders, such as human skulls, have since been removed and are now seldom seen even in the deeper reaches of the wrecks. As corals have taken over, these wrecks have transformed into beautiful habitats for an incredibly diverse mix of undersea life.


Come explore Kiritimati Atoll for an unforgettable diving experience. Kiritimati, also called Christmas Island, is a coral atoll in the northern Line Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Let us assist you in planning your diving excursion. Mike’s Diving Adventures was instrumental in setting up the safe and professional diving operations at the Villages hotel on the island, including training the NAUI Divemasters who will serve as your underwater guides. Their warm waters are home to many amazing ocean creatures.

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