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Arriving on Thursday night, we dive Friday and Saturday for a total of four dives, including the backside of Molokini Crater (usually both north and south ends) where we see the unique underwater landscape that at times slopes gently to the deep water or drops straight down to the bottom 300 feet below. The marine life is exquisite, including tropical fish, lobster, eels, corals, grey reef sharks, white tip and black tip sharks. Other sites we visit include the World War II Helldiver plane wreck and army amphibious tanks wrecks. Sunday we off-gas while exploring Mau’i before flying home.

If you haven’t been diving on Mau’i yet, don’t miss this opportunity to dive with Mike!

See wreck with Mikes Diving
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  1. SSI Open Water Diver
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  3. NASE Open Water Diver
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  5. SDI Open Water Diver