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What do we do?

We take certified and non-certified divers on underwater tours of our beautiful island, specializing in diving the west side of Oahu. We train and certify divers of all levels, from beginners all the way through open water scuba instructors.

Scuba diving on Oahu is a wonderful experience. Scuba diving is also an extreme sport, one in which the participants use “life support equipment” to allow them to explore the underwater world. So we take diver safety very seriously.

From it’s inception, Underwater Oahu has followed a very simple principle: We treat everyone the way we would want to be treated. It shows in everything we do and is the key to our success.

We believe ..

    …You deserve to be safe when you’re diving.

    …You deserve a scuba diving company who employs instructors and divemasters who are professional and true experts in their field. Each of our dive professionals has many years of diving experience in a variety of locales and environments and each have logged thousands of dives. Mike hand-picked these professionals because of their high level of expertise and experience, their attention to diver safety and because they are also fun people to dive with!

    …You deserve to dive with a scuba company that has a proven and verifiable, unblemished safety record.

We can guaranty all of this for you – our competitors cannot. Do your due diligence before trusting your life to a scuba company. We’re confident you will choose the safest and most enjoyable company – Underwater Oahu!



Michael T. Matzinger
Instructor Trainer