DOD SkillBridge

NAUI’s internship allows you to use your G.I. Bill® to become a NAUI Dive professional at one of our 75 NAUI VA approved testing centers around the world. We have 5,000 positions around the world where you can use your new license and experience to start a new chapter and/or just explore something you’ve never done before.

If you end up liking what you are doing at your specific internship, there may be an opportunity for you to be hired on after your internship is completed (all based on the need for each location).

If you are a certified dive instructor read Part 1. If you are not a certified dive instructor read Part 2.

Part 1 - Certified Dive Instructors

If you are already a certified dive instructor, you may participate in NAUI’s Skillbridge program as an instructor. If you are certified with an agency other than NAUI, your certification may be used to crossover to a NAUI certification. Instructors will be able to work at one of more than 5,000 NAUI locations across the world for on the job training.

Part 2 - Dive students

NAUI’s SkillBridge program is designed for service members to become a NAUI scuba instructor as well as learn the diving business. The program will last 120-180 days in the SkillBridge location of your choice. You may research and pick your SkillBridge location at:

(Use the “Filter By Designation” filter and choose “NAUI VA Testing Center” to see locations accepting SkillBridge applicants)

Keep in mind that you are responsible for your housing in the location you select, and you will not receive additional housing allowance beyond what you are already receiving. During the internship you could work Monday through Sunday as long as it is not over 40 hours a week.

Service members can begin the program with any level of scuba certification they may already have, or none at all! If you have a certification from another scuba agency, it can crossover to NAUI.

The SkillBridge program allows the use of the G.I. Bill® to fund the certifications and licenses you will need to become a NAUI instructor and be able to make a career in the diving industry. If you do not already have any scuba diving certifications you will use 6 months of your G.I. Bill® benefits to get all the certifications and licenses you need to be a NAUI instructor. You can choose between using the Post 9/11 or Montgomery G.I. Bill®.

During the internship you will be earning the following certifications and licenses:

Certifications (Price of $1,500 each):
1. NAUI Basic Level Scuba Certification NES-VA010 $1500

Electives: You get to choose ONE elective:

NAUI Advanced Level Scuba Certification NES-VA011 $1500

Electives: You get to choose ONE elective:

NAUI Advanced Level Scuba Certification NES-VA011 $1500

Electives: You get to choose ONE elective:

Rescue Scuba Diver Certification NES-VA012 $1500

Electives: You get to choose ONE elective:

Master Scuba Diver Certification NES-VA013 $1500

Electives: You get to choose ONE elective:

Professional Licenses:

You will have to pay for the courses upfront and out of pocket, and then submit for reimbursement from the VA once you have completed the certification or license. With that being said, make sure you have the funds to be able to initially pay for the courses out of pocket.

It is advised to apply for your G.I. Bill® first so you can submit for reimbursement by the time you have completed your first certification. You can apply for your G.I. Bill® at

Other out of pocket expenses include any scuba gear you may need (i.e. fins, snorkel, mask, etc.). These can range from $100 to hundreds of dollars depending on the gear you choose to buy for yourself.