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Underwater Oahu provides standard breathing tank air fills as well as enriched air nitrox (up to 50% nitrox).

We pump our own clean, filtered air from the most powerful breathing air compressor in the state and can provide air fills for high pressure steel tanks too!

Are you a technical diver or rebreather diver in need of oxygen tank fills? Underwater Oahu can provide up to 99% aviation-grade oxygen fills as well!

What is the difference between aviation grade and medical grade oxygen?

Aviation and medical grade oxygen is actually the same USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) oxygen grade material. The difference between the two grades actually is in the handling of the finished gas cylinder and the processing of the gas going into the cylinder. Aviation grade oxygen undergoes an additional drying process to prevent freezing at high altitudes where this gas is commonly utilized. The moisture content of aviation grade oxygen will be guaranteed and the cost of aviation grade oxygen is usually higher than that of medical grade oxygen. Medical grade oxygen cylinders are filled with the same gas as aviation grade cylinder less the extra moisture processing. Medical grade oxygen is handled and regulated in the same manner as a prescription drug so some users may have difficulty in obtaining this grade of gas.


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Certifications Available:

  1. SSI Open Water Diver
  2. NAUI SCUBA Diver
  3. PADI Open Water Diver
  4. SDI Open Water Diver
Breathing Tank Air Fills Underwater Oahu
Breathing Tank Air Fills Underwater Oahu