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Meet Our Dive Team Underwater Oahu

Mike – Owner and Instructor

  • NAUI Instructor
  • NASE Master Instructor
  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor
  • SDI Instructor
  • TDI Instructor for Intro to Tec, Sidemount, DPV Decompression Procedures, Advanced Nitrox, Titan Air Diluent Closed-Circuit Rebreather, Nitrox & Mixed Gas Blending
  • DAN Instructor
  • EFR Instructor Trainer
  • PSI Technician
  • PCI Cylinder Inspector

Mike began his diving career in 2005 getting certified in the icy waters of Maine. He went on to complete his AAUS scientific diving certification while at the Darling Marine Center during 2006. This experience started his love of diving that led to him becoming a PADI Instructor in 2007. Mike Came to Hawaii in 2008 for graduate school and currently holds his M.S. in Chemical Oceanography. His travels have taken him diving in over 15 countries, including studying abroad in Australia.

Mike teaches technical courses in Decompression Procedures, Advanced Nitrox, and Sidemount to allow divers to explore and get the most out of their dive times. He also enjoys teaching courses for the conservationist, including Advanced Buoyancy, Ecologist, and Digital Photography, to help educate and preserve Hawaii’s marine habitats. Mike is also an avid rebreather and technical open circuit diver.

Meet Our Dive Team Underwater Oahu

Kara – Instructor

  • NAUI Instructor

Since Kara’s first dive at Halona Blow Hole, she has been enamored with the underwater world. Her dive travels have taken her across the Hawaiian Islands and she soon hopes to explore the reefs of Indonesia. As an environmentalist, Kara loves to share her passion for the ocean and its creatures with other divers. “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau

Kara’s favorite dive sites on Oahu: YO-257 & San Pedro, Halona Blow Hole, Lanai Look Out, Cathedrals, and Makaha Caverns.

Meet Our Dive Team Underwater Oahu

Jed – Instructor

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • PADI Specialty Instructor for Deep Diver, Boat Diver, Wreck Diver, Fish Identification, Boat Diver, Underwater Navigator

Jed began his diving career in 2003 in St. Augustine, FL. After obtaining his certification, he moved to Manzanillo, Mexico where he specialized in dive charters and submarine tourism. In 2012, Jed relocated to Oahu, and began to pursue his PADI Open Water Instructor Certification.

Jed’s enthusiasm for scuba diving is what separates him from the rest. Jed’s best scuba diving experience: Diving in Mexico with the Humpback Whales. Jed’s favorite dive sites on Oahu: Actually, Jed loves all of the dive sites on Oahu, especially ones where you run into sharks!

Meet Our Dive Team Underwater Oahu

Bart – Instructor

  • NAUI Instructor
  • NASE Instructor
  • NAUI First Aid Instructor

Bart began his diving experience in 1991 in Los Angeles County. In 1994, Bart was trained to dive the LAR V closed circuit rebreather through the US Marine Corps Combat Diver course and ran a hyperbaric chamber as an outside tender.

Upon his retirement from the Marine Corps in 2014, Bart qualified as a NAUI Divemaster and enrolled in the NAUI Instructor Training Program through Patrick’s Diving Adventures. Bart enjoys diving all around Hawaii and the kelp forests in California.

Meet Our Dive Team Underwater Oahu

Tyrone – Divemaster

Tyrone is originally from Washington state and is a former sailor in the US Navy, serving ten years as a submariner. He started diving in 2007 in his home state, when he learned that he was going to be forward-deployed out of Guam. Tyrone came to Hawaii in 2010 for his final duty assignment, after which he stayed on Oahu to work on a bachelors degree in marine biology. 

His favorite dive here in Hawaii is Underwater Oahu’ pelagic night dive, “Dive the Abyss”. Tyrone’s favorite dive site is the F4U Corsair.