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The Advanced Open Water Diver course is actually the second part of a two-step process designed to help create better-trained, more thoroughly prepared entry-level divers. Therefore, it is not really an “Advanced” course per se, but rather a more advanced Open Water Diver course (as opposed to the basic Open Water Diver course). The Advanced course focuses on three areas:

  • Review and enhancement of basic core skills
  • Natural and compass navigation
  • Planning and making dives to 30m/100ft

We will also conduct a wreck dive, a night dive and a marine life identification dive.

Open Water Scuba Diver certification from any internationally-recognized agency (NAUI, SDI, NASE, PADI, etc.)

When to Take the Advanced Course:
After completing your SCUBA diver training, the Advanced Course is designed to be taken immediately after. You’ll be introduced to the the areas of diving that interest you while gaining practical experience under the supervision of our expert SCUBA instructors.

Certifications Available Include:

  • NAUI Advanced SCUBA Diver
  • SDI Advanced Adventure Diver
  • NASE Advanced Open Water Diver
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver

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Certifications Available Include:

  1. SSI Advanced Adventurer
  2. NAUI Advanced SCUBA Diver
  3. NASE Advanced Open Water Diver
  4. PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  5. SDI Advanced Adventure Diver